One of Kuntaw Kali Kruzada's goals is to help bring international recognition to the respective styles of the Masters and Grandmasters in the Philippines that Maestro Rico Acosta has studied with. Many of the Grandmasters in the Philippines are / were contemporaries of many of the icons of the FMA in America and have an incomparable knowledge of the combative arts of the Philippines.

Grandmaster Benjamin Luna Lema and Maestro Rico Acosta

Grandmaster Benjamin Luna Lema (Lightning Scientific Arnis) fought in the legendary NARAPHIL "Masters sparring division" in 1979, remaining undefeated in both competition and actual combat throughout his entire life. Grandmaster Jose G. Mena (Doblete Rapelon) was a sparring partner of Felicisimo Dizon, among other notables in Manila, and was one of the famed Grandmaster Angel Cabales' teachers. Grandmaster Jesus Pallorina (WEDO Combat Arnis) was a street fighter, in his youth, who traveled throughout the Philippines to fight in underground full contact, unarmored Arnis competitions. He also fought many close quarter battles against the Japanese in WWII. Grandmaster Roberto Presas, the late Grandmaster Remy Presas' brother, is the highest-ranking Modern Arnis Master in the world, promoted directly by Grandmaster Remy Presas himself. Grandmaster Vicente Sanchez (Kali Arnis International) is one of the highest-ranking Senior Masters of both Lightning Scientific Arnis and Modern Arnis and has dedicated much of his life to propagating both arts. He is one of the founders of the Philippine Council of Kali Eskrima Arnis Masters.

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Grandmaster Vicente Sanchez and Maestro Rico Acosta

All of these great men and many more have sacrificed so much to keep the embers of the Filipino martial arts burning in the land of its birth. Everyone who practices the FMA should acknowledge and respect the sacrifices of the Masters and Grandmasters, past and present, that have spent their entire lives propagating the FMA in the Philippines, and recognize the significance of their respective achievements.